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法律文件 操作和维护手册 图纸 零件清单 日常维护程序 特殊和紧急维修程序 安全规程 基线操作记录 操作日志 维护日志 润滑记录 年周转过程 建立和维护一个完整的维修记录,包括这些元素,如可以使烘干机的维修计划更有效。维修记录可以帮助工作人员可快速发现异常干燥机操作,找出问题的原因并加以纠正。的维修记录,还可以帮助确定是否需要维修,改造或更换旧机。

Heyl & Patterson可以了解如何昂贵的细分。我们的公司提供了先进的检验和现场服务的一个多世纪以来,咨询,维修的建议,备品备件的安装,停电计划,全面升级和启动援助。您的设备延长寿命的目标,我们的顾问可以提供现场的机械结构和电气检查,以帮助您^大限度地提高效率,生产率和安全性。

Industrial Dryer Maintenance Made Easier With Efficient Recordkeeping

Much of a maintenance program’s effectiveness stems from keeping accurate maintenance records for an industrial dryer and using that record for planning.  That planning entails recording the dryer’s performance and normal operating conditions and scheduling dryer inspections and regular preventive maintenance.  This record can be used when deciding whether to repair, rebuild or replace an older dryer.

Rotary Dryers are considered the workhorses of the powder and bulk solids processing industry, able to handle a broad range of material from powders to sludges.  Fluid Bed Dryers cause the material they process to act like a fluid.   Flash Dryers process high-moisture, temperature-sensitive material.  Conduction Dryers indirectly dry and/or cool bulk solids at low temperatures.  These industrial dryers are very intricate machines, and something is bound to go wrong at some point.  Proper maintenance records can mean the difference between an easy fix and several days of downtime.

As long as your maintenance record is organized, complete and up-to-date, its physical form isn’t critical.  Hard copies of information can be organized into a filing system or bound into record or log books, or the information can be consolidated and transferred to a computer database.

Current records should be arranged and filed for efficient retrieval and handling.  Deciding how to file records does not need to be complicated.  Begin by taking a careful look at the records currently in use.  Are they already filed in a way that allows for quick access?  Is the current system logical, consistent, and reasonably convenient?  Could a newcomer interpret and understand it?  If so, there is probably no need to change the system.  An existing system that works well for the organization should be left in place.  On the other hand, if the existing system is cumbersome, idiosyncratic or even non-existent, then the records require some type of orderly filing system.

The information in the maintenance record should include:

Legal Documentation Operations and Maintenance Manuals Drawings Parts Lists Daily Maintenance Procedures Special and Emergency Maintenance Procedures Safety Procedures Baseline Operation Record Operations Log Maintenance Log Lubrication record Annual Turnaround Procedure Establishing and maintaining a complete maintenance record that includes elements such as these can make a dryer maintenance program more effective.  A maintenance record can help workers to quickly spot abnormal dryer operation, identify the problem’s cause and correct it.  Referring to the maintenance record can also help determine whether an older dryer needs to be repaired, rebuilt or replaced.

Heyl & Patterson understands how costly a breakdown can be.  Our company has provided advanced inspection and field services for more than a century, with consulting on maintenance recommendations, spare parts installations, outage planning, comprehensive upgrades and start-up assistance.  With the goal of extending the life of your machinery, our advisors can provide onsite mechanical, structural and electrical inspections to help you maximize efficiency, productivity and safety.


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