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Thermascrew®干燥机热交换间接地通过一个的中空螺钉和一个带夹套的身体槽。产品是由一个单一的或双螺杆的旋转输送。停留时间被控制转子的速度和范围从几分钟至一小时。温柔的螺丝操作处理易碎产品,以^小的颗粒尺寸减少。双螺杆的设计处理面团状材料的烹饪和反应过程。 典型应用THERMASCREW® 间接加热系统 热烫 冷 烹饪 冷却 结晶 烘干 暖气 混合 蒸发 脱溶 反应

典型产品 化学制品 晶体 脂肪 订阅 鱼 水果和蔬菜 糯米材料 颗粒材料 液体 餐 肉类副产品 膏 制药 粉 果肉材料 盐 泥浆 固体 淀粉 糖

通常的产品进入的一端,由螺杆的旋转,在其另一端的放电点的移动。当它进入中空螺钉,轴和护套表面的接触,热量被传递。 的热交换介质进入的旋转接头中,通过中空螺杆移动,然后回到再出来。该介质也进入护套的产品的出口点附近,在相对端的槽排出。在外套的隔板安排,确保积极的流动。 丝杠旋转速度的控制的产品的保留时间和排出温度。短节距螺旋翻滚动作,统一,高效的热交换。

类型的设计 有两种基本的Thermascrew®设计: 输送机 - 类型包括一个或更慢旋转空心螺钉安装在一个带夹套的管或波谷。

搅拌釜式空心螺杆转子安装在夹套容器。材料内循环单元,激动的旋转螺丝和溢出停留时间由进给速度和保持。 Thermascrew®间接干燥系统是由碳钢或不锈钢,以及其它合金。车身样式包括非套的低谷期,一个夹套低谷,一个带护套管槽和槽与多个螺丝。




转子样式包括一个中空的螺杆具有较小直径比槽的槽和一个中空的螺杆的直径相同。与第一类,可选的升降机酒吧 - 安装螺钉航班上 - ,提高搅拌翻滚的产品。与第二样式,连续色带或挺杆酒吧 - 安装外边缘之间的螺杆的槽的内表面齐平, - 混合产品的更需要更高的旋转速率,改善热传输系数。



The Thermascrew® Dryer exchanges heat indirectly through a hollow screw and a jacketed body trough. Product is conveyed by the rotation of a single or double screws. Residence time is controlled by the rotor speed and ranges from several minutes to one hour. The gentle screw action handles friable products with minimal particle size reduction. The twin-screw design handles dough-like materials for cooking and reaction processes.  TYPICAL APPLICATIONS OF THERMASCREW® INDIRECT HEATING SYSTEM Blanching Chilling Cooking Cooling Crystallizing Drying Heating Mixing Evaporating Desolventizing Reacting

TYPICAL PRODUCTS Chemicals Crystals Fats Feeds Fish Fruits and Vegetables Glutinous Materials Granular Materials Liquids Meals Meat By-Products Pastes Pharmaceuticals Powders Pulpy Materials Salt Slurries Solids Starch Sugar

The product usually enters one end and moves by screw rotation to the discharge point at the other end. Heat is transferred when it comes into contact with the hollow screw, shaft and jacket surfaces. The heat exchange medium enters at the rotary joint, moves through the hollow screw, and moves back out again. The medium also enters the jacket near the product outlet point, discharging at the opposite end of the trough. A baffle arrangement in the jacket ensures positive flow.   Screw rotation speed controls retention time and discharge temperature of the product. The tumbling action of the short pitch screw makes the heat exchange uniform and efficient.

TYPES OF DESIGN There are two basic Thermascrew® designs: Conveyor - Type consists of one or more slowly rotating hollow screws mounted in a jacketed pipe or trough.

Agitated Vessel- Type consists of hollow screw rotors mounted in a jacketed vessel. Material circulates within the unit, agitated by the rotating screws and overflows with residence time determined by feed rate and hold up. The Thermascrew® indirect drying system is made of carbon or stainless steel as well as other alloys. Body styles include a non-jacketed trough, a jacketed trough, a pipe trough with jacket and a trough with multiple screws.

Optional steam orifices along the trough permit direct as well as conductive heating, making the unit useful in live steam heating, sterilizing, cooking or blanching. Purge gas or air may be injected as well.

Enclosed models isolate the product from airborne contaminants (dust, fumes, water vapor or reactant gases) and eliminate toxic or expensive product dust losses.

Thermascrews® may operate in either a pressure or vacuum environment and can serve as reactors for mixing liquid or gas reactants with the product. Any gases produced during the process can be recovered.

Rotor styles include a hollow screw the same diameter as the trough and a hollow screw with a smaller diameter than the trough. With the first type, optional lifter bars - mounted between screw flights - improve agitation by tumbling the product. With the second style, continuous ribbons or lifter bars - mounted between the outer edge of the screw and flush with the inner surface of the trough - mix the product even more and require higher rotational rates, improving heat-transfer coefficients.

The Thermascrew® indirect drying systems are available in seven trough diameters from 8" to 29" and eight trough lengths from 4' to 30'.

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